People are at the heart of UX

Working with people has defined the best parts of my career. It’s who I am.

Collaboration: From researching motivations, behaviors, and decision making—to advocating for end users throughout strategy and design processes—I love to see a product or website being used and making a real difference in someone’s life.

Empathy: By incorporating aspects of Design Thinking and workshop facilitation to engage stakeholders, a framework is established to put the users and customers first.

Advocating: I am a strong advocate for ethnographic studies, card sorts, surveys, usability testing, and even guerilla research. Whether qualitative or quantitative, user research teaches us about our own assumptions in addition to giving us insight into the lives of those we impact - and never fails to make our work better.

Learning: I have been fortunate to mentor junior UX practitioners and participate in outreach programs such as Tech Girls, hackathons and even the University of Michigan's Global Information Engagement Program. I get excited when I think about the impact these students will have on the future of UX and the world we live in. Their energy and their conviction that they will change the world for the better always inspires me.

I am very honored to be featured by my employer, Slalom, in this wonderful article by Maggy Lehmicke.

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This article was a few years in the making. I hope you will all enjoy my perspective on these important topics.

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