ASPCA Hospital System

The Ask

Complete user research and create a Product Strategy for the ASPCA to inform a recommendation and proposed budget regarding the ASPCA’s veterinary practice, research, and information software.

The Solution

I oversaw the authoring of a Research Plan that included stakeholder interviews, a comparative landscape, an intensive artifact review, and a week-long ethnographic study at the ASPCA’s New York City Hospital (this includes the primary hospital as well as forensic and long-term care centers). The goal of this naturalistic observational study was to provide insight into the current tools, processes, and systems in use at the NYC Hospital and how different application user groups interact with those systems. I travelled to NYC where the sights, sounds, and interactions at the hospital were available to me and it was a unique opportunity to see how the hospital ecosystem works to provide care for animals.

Results from these activities were compiled into a comprehensive Product Strategy that reported findings, outlined major user experience objectives, and detailed options for their future planning as well as our final recommendations and proposed next steps.

Project Info

  • Categories:User Research, UX Strategy
  • Tags:Ethnographic Study, Non-Profit
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