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To re-architect and redesign the Endocrine Society website to improve the membership experience while also streamlining and migrating highly technical content from multiple platforms into an upgraded content management system.


I served as the User Research lead on this project and as such I directed the following activities that ultimately informed our final UX Strategy Deliverable –  Communication Strategy. The Communication Strategy was a presentation document designed to provide an overview of all user research, major user experience objectives, product roadmap, conceptual model, and proposed next steps. This document was shared by project stakeholders to organizational leadership and advisory boards to secure funding and support for the future endocrine.org:

  • An in-depth artifact review to gain expertise on the history and mission of the Endocrine Society as well as to learn about their current web management processes
  • Planned and conducted stakeholder interviews to give everyone in the organization a voice in the planned redesign
  • Planned and conducted end user interviews to identify user’s primary pain points and joys in the user experience and their hopes for future functionality
  • Led an Empathy Mapping workshop with project stakeholders to visualize user attitudes and behaviors to align the team on a deeper understanding of their end users
  • Designed and led a Design Thinking workshop to help project stakeholders collaborate on content strategy
  • Led a UX workshop to create Personas with project stakeholders for use with future strategic decision-making
  • Contributed a heuristic evaluation that mapped end user interview comments to usability issues that could be addressed by the redesign

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  • Tags:Empathy Mapping, Non-Profit, Personas, User Interviews
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