Ford Parts

The Ask

Design the first major e-commerce website for Ford. This B2B website needed to support purchasing flows and catalog integration for B2B transactions as well as appeal and be available for a direct consumer audience. Additionally, the website needed to be integrated into a common shared template with the website.

The Solution

I designed nearly 200 pages of wireframes to describe the interaction for navigation, registration, search, part look-up, product detail, saved vehicles, shopping cart and checkout for Sponsored and Open customer experiences.

As part of this process we conducted user research on our wireframes to evaluate their usefulness. We conducted usability testing with three main user groups (shop owners, fleet managers, and DIYers in Chicago, Illinois. Our finding were used to refine wireframes before the website went into production.

The website launched in December of 2009 and in less than a year had far exceeded its dealer enrollment goals (over 200 over the target goal were enrolled), and had 4 million dollars sold at MSRP.

Project Info

  • Categories:User Research, UX Design
  • Tags:E-commerce, Usability Testing
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