Health Alliance Plan (HAP) Medicare Advantage

The Ask

HAP’s enrollment in their Medicare Advantage program was down and they wanted to uncover stumbling blocks preventing potential customers from purchasing a plan. We investigated both the Medicare Advantage Landing page as well as their Medicare Advantage website.

The Solution

For this project I served as the Delivery Services Lead (Lead UX Researcher and Designer). We started with a Competitive Analysis to assess HAP’s digital experience compared to their primary and aspirational competitors. Using stakeholder interviews we were also created a User Flow to understand how people are shopping online for Medicare plans.

Armed with our newfound Medicare Plan shopping knowledge we planned and conducted evaluative research of both the Landing Page experience and the Medicare pages. Participants were sourced via live-intercept testing and we selected participants across a broad range of ages, geography, technical literacy and more who were shopping either for themselves or on behalf of someone else. Findings were synthesized and used to inform sitemaps, wireframes, and high-fidelity comps.

This project was also an opportunity for mentoring junior colleagues on both research and design practices as well as presentation skills.

Project Info

  • Client:HAP
  • Categories:User Research, UX Design
  • Tags:Usability Testing
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