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The State of Michigan Office of Child Support (OCS) was looking for a partner to help them become a more human-centered organization. They wanted training for leadership and staff, to baseline their current HCD maturity and measure progress, and to complete HCD projects with OCS and its partners.


We started with a Foundations phase with stakeholder interviews, benchmarking, and designing and delivering their custom Human Centered Design training. I was the HCD Lead on this work and led the team in these activities. We delivered three separate training sessions including Leadership Training, Team Training, and hands-on Learning Labs. Over 100 team members attended these trainings as their first step in learning principles of HCD as well as UX and Service Design skills. We received a 96% satisfaction score on the trainings.

The second phase of this project was to work on a project together while upskilling the project team. Following a Tell/Show/Do/Apply learning partnership framework that I developed for Learning Partnerships we worked on a Product Strategy for the Child Support Program intranet, mi-support. mi-support serves over 2,000 Child Support Program workers in the State. Its primary function is to provide a central location to disseminate information and provide access to policies and procedures used by Program staff.


My team and over 100 Child Support Program participants  spent sixteen weeks together driving to a successful outcome. We were able to:

  • Help the State hear real users’ voices through user interviews/usability study reports with video
  • Create a successful learning partnership that resulted in the improvement of OCS team members’ HCD skills
  • Uncover numerous opportunities to simplify and enhance the mi-support experience as well
  • Create an updated information architecture communicate in a mi-support high-fidelity prototype, a product strategy, and content strategy backed by research
  • Provide recommendations for a modern platform to streamline future support needs and enable users to be more productive and to focus on high value areas
  • Provide OCS with tools to support them in their HCD journey

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  • Client:Upskilling the Office of Child Support
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